About Us

54 Subsidiaries across
6 industry sectors


To achieve uniqueness through diversity, leadership, creativity and inspiration.

Vallibel One Vision

To run healthy core businesses, leverage strengths into new ventures, work together with people to be Sri Lanka‚Äôs corporate leader.

Vallibel One Mission

Wealth creation is our reason for being. It drives us to create value for our stakeholders. It is a vision that is powered by our core guiding philosophy; a uniqueness that stems from five core values: diversity, innovation, creativity, leadership and people.

We are one of the most innovation inspired strategically diversified conglomerates in Sri Lanka, continuing to etch a legacy of intense value into the multiple industries we are engaged in, developing and improving each of these to be globally competitive. Engaged in a multiplicity of industry sectors including tile and sanitaryware manufacturing, finance, leisure, aluminum extrusion, packaging, lifestyle, healthcare and consumer, Vallibel One PLC has always based its fundamentals on the five pillars of diversity, innovation, creativity, leadership and its people. Our unbridled entrepreneurial spirit is what ties all this in together.

Quoted on the Colombo Stock Exchange, we are a public quoted company with limited liability incorporated under the provision of the Companies Act No 07 of 2007. Our strategic investments are visionary, well positioned and designed to create wealth through sustained value creation. Ours is a masterful application of the art of leveraging on our synergies and optimising on the opportunities that emerge around us, focusing on horizons that will give clarity to our vision and goals. It is this consistent and visionary diversification that has empowered our stakeholders and spread sound business practices across corporate Sri Lanka, to position us as a benchmarked leader renowned for our best practices, strategic thought process and visionary leadership.

Across this group of 54 subsidiaries, Vallibel One has undoubtedly emphasized our holistic stewardship. From being considered among the Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka by LMD-Nielsen, to being among the Top 10 business entities by Business Today, Vallibel One has certainly etched its leadership. Each of our companies continues to carve a presence in their relevant industries ensuring leadership as evidenced by the praise received. Inherently we strive to do good and do well as we apply global standards to ensure unparalleled quality in every product and service tenet we impart, imbuing our green consciousness effectively by gaining carbon neutral certification and always adopt the imperative to be unique, innovative, inspiring and entrepreneurial.

Ours is a unique formula; a potent mix of diverse businesses that blends the best of historic brands and legendary businesses with the contemporariness of new brands and a slew of innovative business genres that continue to deliver value and spearhead triple bottom line sustainability across all our stakeholders. Affirming our presence in growing international markets continues as a strategic priority, while leveraging our strengths into new ventures remains a strong building block within our strategic priorities. With teamwork at the core, we will intensify our learning curve, which will augment our astute strategy of investment through diversification, building capacity and optimising on emerging opportunities to continue nurturing a comprehensive framework for strategic growth.